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Question 79 -id: 536228574 d79 which one of the following is/are hold(s) true to successfully practice price commerce discriminationtmmerce net achievers commer

price discrimination is one of the feature of pure monopoly then i don't understand why they didn't considered 1st statement as well.... could u plz tell me the reason behind kt

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  • Roopali pansari

    according to this in price discrimination there must have monopoly power

  • Durgesh rawat best-answer

    answer is option B Price discrimination is a selling strategy that charges different prices for the same product or service from different customers. In price discrimination, the seller places different customers into groups based on certain attributes and then charges each group a different price. Three factors to successfully practice price discrimination: The firm must possess market power. The firm must be able to recognize differences in demand or must be able to control supply. The firm must have the ability to prevent the resale of the product from one buyer to another. Therefore, Statements B and C only hold the truth to successfully practice price discrimination. Types of Price Discrimination: First-degree price discrimination: the monopoly seller of a good or service must know the absolute maximum price that every consumer would be willing to pay. Second-degree price discrimination: the price of a good or service differs according to the quantity demanded. Third-degree price discrimination: the price differs according to consumer attributes like age, location, gender, economic or social status, etc.  


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