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Question No: 16 - ZO0-203- BIOCHEMISTRY AND METABOLISM Max Marks: 2 Amylopectin consists mainly of.. linked glucose residues but is a branched branch points every 24 to 30 glucose residues on molecule with H average. A) a(14), a(1>6) B) a(1-6), a(14) C) a(14), B(16) D) a(1-6), B(1-4)
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  • Anup Padwal thankyou
    linear chain formed by alfa 1-4 Branch arises from alfa 1-6 therefore Option 1 correct.
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  • Narayan singh thankyou
    Ans is . A. Amylopectin is a branched chain of α-d-glucose molecules. Amylopectin consists of α-1–4 linked d- glucopyranose linear chains that are connected by α-1–6 branch lin...
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