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Read about them and identify their most outstanding achievements/contributions in/to the field of ecology. •find out a turning point in their career. g. david

Read about them and identify their most outstanding achievements/contributions in/to the field of Ecology. •Find out a turning point in their career. G. David Tilman (USA) Arthur Tansley (UK) Edward Osborne Wilson (USA)

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    George David Tilman is an American ecologist. Tilman is best known for his work on the role of resource competition in community structure and on the role of biodiversity in ecosystem functioning. One of his most cited articles is the 1994 Nature article on the Biodiversity and stability in grasslands.The drought provided substantial disturbance and the biomass data showed a strong positive correlation between the plant diversity within the community and the stability of the community as a whole supporting the diversity-stability hypothesis. Sir Arthur George Tansley was an English botanist and a pioneer in the science of ecology. Tansley's early publications focused on palaeobotany, especially fern evolution. Tansley founded the botany journal New Phytologist in 1902 and remained editor till 1931. In 1935 Tansley published "The use and abuse of vegetational terms and concepts in which he introduced the ecosystem concept. In the 1930s ecological thinking was dominated by the work of Clements, who thought of ecological communities as organisms, and associations as superorganisms. Tansley devised the concept to draw attention to the importance of transfers of materials between organisms and their environment, regarding ecosystems as the basic units of nature. Tansley's most comprehensive work, The British Islands and Their Vegetation was published in 1939. Volume 2 was published in 1949. In recognition of this achievement, he was awarded the Linnean Medal in 1941. Edward Osborne Wilson (June 10, 1929 – December 26, 2021) was an American biologist, naturalist, and writer. His specialty was myrmecology, the study of ants. According to David Attenborough he was the world's leading expert. He was nicknamed the "ant man". Wilson has been called "the father of sociobiology" and "the father of biodiversity". at age 18, intent on becoming an entomologist, he began by collecting flies, but the shortage of insect pins caused by world war ii caused him to switch to ants, which could be stored in vials. From 1956 until 1996, Wilson was part of the faculty of Harvard. He began as an ant taxonomist and worked on understanding their microevolution, how they developed into new species by escaping environmental disadvantages and moving into new habitats. He developed a theory of the "taxon cycle".


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