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March 3, 2020 10:44 am

Coming with a brilliant academic record, he played key role to revamp the company's finance and management procedures for which he was recognized by the management. 
But now his performance has come down with mistakes found in most of his actions. Several things transpired against him. His only son turned spastic and he was overlooked for promotion against a new comer. This witnessed him becoming less popular among staff. Adding to that, a mild flirtation with a female employee was blown out of proportion. 
Dinesh has became emotionally and professionally depressed with morale down and seemed loosing self-confidence badly. 
As HR Manager, which counselling mode would you choose for Dinesh?

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    As Dinesh is professionally and emotionally depressed, so the HR manager must choose Developmental Mode of counselling. The immediate supervisor of Dinesh must communicate him f...

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