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Secion simualtanegw ide the c.s should blodk n pioccss 1unnng outsi entering into critical section. ould block otner process to tn so, process running in critic

Secion simualtanegw ide the C.S should blodk n PiOccss 1unnng Outsi entering into critical section. ould block otner prOCess to tn So, process running in critical section should block cannot be postponed indet The selection that which process should enter cannot be to Bounded Waiting: No process has to wait forever from entering into ess critical se has made on number of times other process is allowed to enter after a procec lf there 15 no bound it can lead to starvation. Assumption: We assume that each process is executing at non-zero speed. Ques. Consider the following two process synchroni1zation problem P Entry loop while (turn = = 0) Entryloop while (turn = = 1): CS CS Exit turn = 0 Exit: turn = 1: turn is initialized to zero. Which one of the following is true? (A) This is correct two process synchronization solution (B) This violates mutual exclusion (C) This violates progress requirement (D) This violates bounded waiting. Ans. This is strict alteration. So, no progress. o65435800 Contact Us: Website: Email: support@

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  • Aparna 1

    Here, there are only two processes Process 0 and Process 1. When Process 0 enters in Critical Section (CS) , next entry is reserved for Process 1 and vice-versa i.e. strict alteration. Hence, bounded waiting condition is satisfied here. Here mutual exclusive condition also satisfies, it means only one process an entertainment the critical action at a time. Here a strict alteration i.e. after the completion of Process 0 if it wants to start again, it will have to wait until Process 1 gives the lock. This violates the progress requirement that no other outside critical section can stop any other interested process from entering the critical section. Hence, correct option is C i.e. This solution violates progress requirement.


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