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October 4, 2021 1:22 ampts 30 pts Human Resource Management Paper-ll (PSP-2020 June) . schemes according to their year of enactment from the earliest to the latest. (a) The schemes under the Provident Fund Act, 1952 enacted at different years. Arrange those Employees Pension Scheme (b) Family Pension Scheme (c) Employees Deposit-linked Insurance Scheme (d) Employees Provident Fund Scheme Choose the correct answer from the options given below : (1) (a), (d). (c), (b) (3) (a), (c), (b), (d) (b), (d), (c), (a) (2) (4) (d), (b). (c), (a) natural rate of Unemployment?
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    (a) Employees Pension Scheme - 1995 (b) Family Pension Scheme - 1971 (c) Employees Deposit-linked Insurance Scheme - 1976 (d) Employees Provident Fund Scheme - 1952 option (c)
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