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Sen IS calied an infinite sequence Fibonacci sequence The sequence given by F, F 1 and F F F n = 3, 4 is called the Fibonacci sequence. Its terms are listed as 1, 1, 2, 3, 58 8 13, 21 34 The Fibonacci sequence occurs in nature, ke the arrangement of seeds in a sunflower The number of spirals in the opposite directions of the seeds in a sunflower are consecutive numbers of the Fibonacci sequence
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    thanku sir
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    Ujjawal vishal
    please accept the answer if u get benefit
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    for mathematical knowledge and from exam point of view.. see attached
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  • Deepikachaudhary
    smz he ni aa ra hai ki y Fibonacci sequence hota Kya hai
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  • Deepikachaudhary
    smz he nii aa ra hai ki y Fibonacci sequence hota Kya hai
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    Ujjawal vishal
  • Ujjawal vishal
    what do u want to ask ?
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    simple way me define kr skta hai koi ?
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