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Set- Set-ll (Sheath of Body) (Name of Body and The Principal Element) (a) Vigyanmaya Kosh The concrete body + Earth (b) Manomaya Kosh i) The state in body between subtle and concrete body + Water Subtle body + Fire (c) Pranmaya Kosh (ii) (d) Annmaya Kosh (iv) Causal body + Air Absolute causal body+ Akash Codes (a) (b) (c) (d) (iv) (ii) (1) (i) i) (2) (i) ) (iv) (3) (iv) ii) (i) (4) (V) (V (in)
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  • Nidhi vaish thankyou
    answer- 3, According to the Taittiriya Upanishad, the existence of the human being is connected to the pancha koshas. Pancha refers to five, kosha means sheaths, while maya means...
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    Azhar mobarak
    plz understand my qs. relate it with punch mahaphut plz
  • Sameer kumar thankyou
    option c
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    Sameer kumar
    Annamaya-kosha (food sheath, Earth element) Pranamaya-kosha (vital sheath, Water element) Manomaya-kosha (mental sheath, Fire element) Vigyanamaya-kosha (intellect/intuitive sheath...
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