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Sta Chosen Op 8 The distance between Delhi and Agra is 233 km. A car P started travelling from Delhi to Agra and another car started from Agra to Delhi along the same road 1 hour after the car Pstarted. The two cars crossed each other 75 minutes after the car O started. Both cars were travelling at constant speed. The speed of car P was 10 km/hr more than the speed of car O. How many kilometers the car Q had travelled when the cars crossed each other? ons 1.1 16.5 2.88.2 3.66.6 4.75.2 Que
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  • Satpal singh thankyou
    if you are satisfied with this accept this as best answer
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  • Satpal singh
    your answer is given step by step
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  • Satpal singh
    see this pdf option d is correct.
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    how We can solve this problem 🤔
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