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State the most inspiring stories of ecologists

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  • Priya sarda

    What used to be a landscape devastated by erosion is now 1,360 acres of forest and it's all thanks to one Indian man named Jadav Payeng. Jadav planted a tree every single day for 40 years and now this man-made forest is bigger than Central Park. Now this incredible forest is home to hundreds of elephants, rhinos, boars, reptiles, and birds. This botanical-enthusiast says he is planning to plant trees until his "last breath". “Nature is God. It gives me inspiration. It gives me power … As long as it survives, I survive."  Ecosia is a search engine that allows you to be a part of tree planting around the world without even lifting a finger off your keyboard. Every 50 searches Ecosia plants a new tree with the ad money they earn. This search engine has currently planted 50,120,906 trees and the number continues to grow every single second. Bored Panda contacted the creators of Ecosia for a comment and found out that the company chose to plant trees instead over other environmental initiatives because they believe “By planting a tree, you can fight climate change, restart water cycles, turn deserts back into fertile forests and provide nutrition, employment, education, medical assistance and political as well as economic stability.” Deforestation has a terrible impact on our environment, there are currently 7 billion trees cut every year around the world. If you want to stop deforestation here are some changes you can make on a daily basis - avoid using as much paper as you can, plant a tree once in a while, recycle and buy recycled products, reduce your consumption of meat.


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