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How to File Application for RTI in UGC? Complete Guide

How to File RTI in UGC?

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RTI is process to get all the information that you want from any public authorities and offices.

If you want to get any data or information from University Grant Commission (UGC) regarding your answer key or mark sheet or for anything else, you may use the RTI process.

Many candidates want to know that who is responsible for the delay of result or the mark sheet verification, evaluated copies of the answer sheets etc. Whatever is your query or you want clarification, one can file the RTI for seeking any information from the UGC.

This article is written to help those who want to know about How to file RTI in the UGC?

Let's start with knowing about basic information of RTI and what is the procedure to file the RTI in UGC?




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What is RTI? RTI Basic Information


The RTI stands for Right to Information. It is an act implemented by Government of India in 2005 to provide a right to the citizens to request for information from state or central departments and public authorities.

It is troublesome for the candidates to get the information from the public as well as private organizations. The RTI gives power to people to get knowledge or information from such institutes or authorities.

This information can be in any form including records, documents, memos, e-mails, opinions, advice, press releases, circulars, orders, logbooks, contracts, reports, papers, samples, models or data material in any electronic form.

In the blog below, we are going to continue with eligibility to file a RTI in UGC and its procedure. Keep reading to know more!



Who is eligible to file an RTI?


All citizens of India can demand the information from any public authority. In respect to the UGC any student, distance education student and prospective employees are eligible to file an RTI.



What is the procedure to file RTI in UGC?


The important thing to note here is that RTI is not against anyone. It is a procedure to seek information from UGC, universities or other organizations.

If you are not aware of the procedure to file an application of RTI, then you are at the right place. We will discuss the step by step procedure to help you out to file RTI in UGC.



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The candidates can fill the RTI application by sending a letter to the concerned authority. Check out the procedure below to file an RTI:


Step-1: Write an application on plain paper by hand or type it in Hindi or English or in official local language which has clearly mentioned atop ‘Application under RTI Act 2005’.

Step-2: There is no fixed format require to write a letter. You can write an application in any format to seek information from the UGC.

Step-3: Address it to the competent authority. You can simply write it on a plain paper to Public Information Officer (PIO).

You should ask the requested information in easy and simple language. Mention your queries point-wise or in direct question form.

Step-4: Attach the applicable fee in the form of Indian Postal Order (IPO)/ Demand Draft (DD)/ Money Order (MO) etc.


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Step-5: Make a declaration that you are an Indian citizen at the end of the application and undersign the application.

Also, take a photocopy of the application for future reference.

Note- You can file RTI through online application if you want information from the Central Public Information Officer (PIO).



What after submitting the RTI in UGC?


After submitting the RTI application, you will get your information within 30 days by registered/ ordinary/ speed post.

However, if you did not get any answer within 30 days, then you can submit your first appeal to the appellate authority officer. In case if you do not get the reply of the first appeal, you may apply for the second appeal to the Central Public Information Officer of UGC.



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Below, we have shared the list of officers responsible for the tasks that you may contact.

The following persons are appointed as Central Public Information Officer and Appellate Authority in the office of UGC to whom you can approach for the further actions:


List of the CPIO to submit the RTI in UGC:



Here, we are sharing you a sample of the RTI application which you can use to ask the information to the UGC.



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Sample Format to File the RTI Application to UGC


Have a look at the sample of the application to submit an RTI in UGC. Make sure to point out the information clearly for which you want the information.



The Public information Officer



PIN:  ____________________


Subject: Request for Information under Right to Information Act 2005.

I Sri / Smt /Ms. ____________________________Son/Daughter/wife of Shri/Smt/Ms. _________________ _________________ resident of __________________________________________, telephone number (with STD Code) ____- ________________ and/or mobile number: _______________ wish to seek information as under




I hereby inform that following formalities have been completed by me:

1. That I have deposited the requisite fee of Rs. _____/- by way of Cash / banker cheque / Draft / Postal Order/ others ___________________ ) favoring __________________________________ dated ________________.

2. I need the photocopy of the documents and I had deposited the cost of the photocopy of Rs. ____/- for _____ (Number of Pages) or

3. I had deposited sum of Rs. _____/- for the charges of CD. (strike out which ever is not applicable)

4. That I belong to Category of below Poverty Line (BPL): Yes / No (Strike whichever is not applicable). If yes, I am attaching the valid photocopy of the certificate. Yes / No

5. That I am ‘Citizen’ of India and I am asking the information as ‘Citizen’.

6. I assure that I shall not allow/ cause to use/ pass/share/display/ or circulate the information received in any case and under any circumstances, with any person or in any manner which would be detrimental to the Unity and Sovereignty or against the Interest of India.

Signature of the Applicant




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Here, in the above blog, We have summed up all the information to file the RTI in UGC to get any information.

If you still have any doubt regarding the procedure to apply for RTI to UGC, you may contact us or ask your query in the comments section below.


Thank you


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