Parminder kaur Dhillon Asked a Question
January 27, 2020 5:05 pmpts 10 pts
stimulus, organism and response variables define it in simple way
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  • Arjun singh
    I had done my M.Com regular + Diploma in Economics and Management from IGNOU
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    Parminder kaur Dhillon
    could you suggest me which topic is imp for net exam
  • Arjun singh thankyou
    Hello Parminder, Greetings Here is your answer - 1. Stimulus :- something that causes activity, development or interest Ex. - Jumping, Dancing etc. 2. Organism :- Form of life. ...
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    Parminder kaur Dhillon
    thanks sir. in which subject you done your master degree
  • Eduncle Best Answer

    Dear Parminder,


    As per your query, stimulus is the impulse that contains statement. Organism which means an individual, and response as the effec...

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