Mohd anwar Anwar Asked an Mcq
March 25, 2021 8:09 pmpts 30 pts
strike and dip are measured in? what will be the correct answer below. Answer with explanations plzz
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  • Manao langsym
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  • Sandeep maru Maru
    both are perpendicular to each other
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  • Mrunal thankyou
    Strike of bed is it's trend measured on horizontal surface. Dip of a bed is the angle between the beding and horizontal plane, measured in a vertical plane.
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  • Sajan sarthak
    1.The strike line of a bed, fault, or other planar feature, is a line representing the intersection of that feature with a horizontal plane. So strike is a line that is horizontal...
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    Mohd anwar Anwar
    In case of dip we measure both amount and direction in vertical direction but in case of strike there is only direction not any measurements..can we say option 3 is correct plzz rp...
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