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Tables I and 2 provide jumbled up data on depth and descriptions of zones in the interior of the earth. Select appropriate entries from these tables and complete Table 3. Table 1 Table 2 Zone characters Average depth in km 0-35 Brittle solid zone; moves laterally as on a conveyor belt; overlies the seismic Low Velocity Zone (LVZ) Solid high density zone; Ni-Fe composition 0-100 35- 100 Interpreted to be partially molten; marked by the presence of convection cells Completely molten zone; high density, Ni-Fe composition 35-2890 100-200/250 Brittle solid zone; bounded by Moho at the base 2890- 5150 Contains several transition zones, Gutenberg discontinuity at the base 5150 6360 Table 3 Zones in the Depth Zone character interior of the (Choose one (Choose one match from Table 2) match from Earth Table 1) Crust |Lithosphere Asthenosphere Mantle Outer Core
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    Please find the completed Table 3 in attachment below
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