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the advertisement charges ame mou to s. 18000, the total expenditure incu red in ringing out the book is Rs. ) 60300 )90000 he miscellaneous expernditure amounts to . 2000 and totally 12500 copies of the ok are published. What is the cost pe py at which the books must be priced,i e publishers desires a profit of 5%? ) Rs. 5 ) Rs. 8 irection. Study the following graph anu Dint out the Industrial growth rate of Indu (B) 63000 (D) 100000 (B) Rs. 7.50 D) Rs. 8.40 50 Industrial growth rate of India 1 Unit =1 lakh
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  • Ashish sharma thankyou
    i think this is the pie chart of Question
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  • Ronak kumari upadhyay
    dear student I will definitely help you if you can send the whole question. There must be explaination of this question like a table or graph.please do send the screenshot of quest...
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