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The difference in the coulomb energy between the mirror nuclei ,Cr and Mn is t Nel Assuming that the nuclei have a spherically symmetric charge distribution and the e is approina 1.0 MeV-fm, the radius of the Mns9 nucleus is (A) 4.9 x 10-13 m (B) 4.9 x 10-15 m (C) 5.1 x 10-13 m (D) 5.1x 10-15 m while E: 4to 3 AE5 4TERo Aa Sol. (B) MeV 3 A 6 MeV-x1 MeVx fm R R RoA R A A 49 10 10 m R = 4.9x 10-15 m Douhly Mae
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