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September 5, 2020 7:00 pmpts 30 pts
The elasticity of supply for the function S =100-5p^2. At P=3 (B) More than one (A) Less than one (C) unitary (D) exactly 1 can you please tell the answer as the answer given in the end of unit solved paper 4 seems incorrect
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    Strangely enough, this seems like a situation of a negative relationship between supply and price (which is against the general idea of supply theory). Because here as price rises,...
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  • Nidhi taparia thankyou
    The answer should be (B) more than unity. Please find attached the image for complete solution.
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  • Nidhi taparia
    Also, could you share what was the answer given at the end of the unit?
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  • Nidhi taparia
    Hi again. I've received a notification that you've submitted a request for clarification. Help me understand what part do you need the clarification about.
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