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The figure below shows a gene duplication event followed by a divergence event in species 1 and 2 White colour Ancestral gene CTounA Gene duplication Different colour Evolutionary Divergence A B Based on the details given above determine what is represented by A and B (1) A: duplicated genes; B ancestral genes (2) A: paralogs; B: ancestral genes (3) A:orthologs; B paralogs (4) A paralogs; B: orthologs
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  • Krishan k jakhad thankyou
    C. ...A -orthologs B- Paralogs Orthologs are homologous genes in different species that diverged from a single ancestral gene after a speciation event and paralogs a...
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    Dils joree
    In the diagram A is pointing towards two shaded black squares and B is pointing towards one shaded black square and one unshaded white square. does this signify anything?