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The following figure shows various metamorphic facies in P-T space (numbered as domains I to X). In this figure, name the domains and the corresponding facies in which the following two mineral assemblages would stabilize by metamorphism of basic rocks: (lawsonite + jadeite) & (prehnite + pumpellyite). Which domain and corresponding facies will NOT contain plagioclase feldspar in metamorphosed basic rocks? Explain why. Temperature ("C) 00 200 u 400 S00 600 700 800 9 VIl VITI 6 8
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    Refer to tha attached figure for naming of different facies domain Lawsonite + Jadeite assemblage would be stable in blueschist facies i.e. zone X in the facies diagram Prehnite ...
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  • Sajan sarthak sahoo thankyou
    see this figure x is for lawsonite and jadeite that is blueschist facies is for prehenite pumpellite
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