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The Hamiltonian of particle of mass m is given by H = which one of the following figure describes the motion of the particle in phase space? (a) (b) (d) (C) P
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  • Chandra dhawan thankyou
    this is open cure trajectory dear... see full explanation of this...
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    Chandra dhawan
    I hope you got it my point dear
  • Dhairya sharma
    both diagrams are representing particle comes and goes like that.
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  • Dhairya sharma thankyou
    both images shows particls comes and goes like shown in diagram.
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  • Dhairya sharma
    this shows eqn of hypetbol8
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  • Dhairya sharma
    dear all these are hyperbola and representation of hyperbola is. arrows are important.u just remember it always
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  • Ruby negi
    option d is correct only by seeing the arrows (no need for calculation), compare the arrows in all options and remember the concept behind these types of questions...
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