Mirza Murtaza posted an Question
January 10, 2021 • 12:24 pm 30 points
  • English

.the setting of poem enterprise is a. urban b. nature c desert

.The setting of poem enterprise is A. urban B. nature c desert

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    Deb dulal halder Halder

    desert is used as a metaphor in the poem. who so ever has made this question have no in-depth knowledge of the poem or the poetic tradition

  • Sapare bhavani bai

    C desert The first line is an example of sarcasm. The poet says that their journey isn’t an ordinary one. It was like a pilgrimage for the group. It is meant to bring a sense of humor at the same time a smell of irony in the poem. There are some other instances where the poet uses the same literary device. Such lines are, “We stood it very well, I thought”, “On how to cross a desert patch” and “…I tried to pray”.


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