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December 30, 2019 11:18 am

(A)    Zygotic contribution of Torpedo is essential for the development of dorsoventral axis.
(B)    Maternal contribution of Torpedo is essential for the development of dorso-ventral axis.
(C)    Since Torpedo is a receptor for Gurken and follicle cells surround the part of the oocyte where Gurken is expressed, it is likely that Torpedo is expressed in follicle cells.
(D)    Gurken signalling initially dorsalizes the follicle cells, which in turn send signal to organize the dorso-ventral polarity in oocyte.
(E)    Gurken signalling initially dorsalizes the nurse cells which help in generation of dorso-ventral polarity in occyte.
 Which one of the following combination of statements is most appropriate ?

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    The oocyte nucleus is originally located at the posterior end of the oocyte, away from the nurse cells. It then moves to an anterior dorsal position and signals the overlying fo...

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