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Types of Wages Subsistence Wage : The wage that can meet only bare physical needs of a worke= subsistence wage. Minimum Wage: Minimum wage is the wage that is able to provide not only also for preservation of efficiency of worker plus some measure of education, h Fair Wage Fair wages is an adjustable step that moves up according to the capa and the prevailing rates of wages in the area of industry. Living Wage : Living wage is that which workers can maintain the health and de- and some insurance against the more important misfortune of lie. In India, different Acts include different item under wages. Though all the lets include Workmen's Compensation Act, 1923, se der wages. Though all the lets include d In India, allowance ly ce under the item wages. E.g. under the W period, holiday, overtime pay, bonus, attendance bonus I and good conduct bonus fro I want an xplaination for such types of wages
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