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UGC Research Awards 2019-20 | Read Eligibility & Selection Guidelines

UGC Research Awards

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Willingness to do something good for the betterment of society must always be appreciated!


To glorify such skilled people who have done their outstanding contribution in the various fields of Scientific Researches, UGC Awards are being presented.


Every Year, University Grants Commission conducts an Award Ceremony to praise the impeccable performances of the talented Researchers & Lecturers.


Qualify the UGC NET to become an UGC Lecturer/Researcher.


Below in this blog, we have come up with the detailed information regarding all the UGC awards that are presented by UGC and their concerned field.




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Following UGC Awards are being presented to the talented ones –


UGC Hari Om Ashram Trust Awards

UGC Swami Pranavananda Saraswati National Awards

UGC National Veda Vyas Sanskrit Awards




UGC Hari Om Ashram Trust Awards


With the help of an endowment made by Hari Om Ashram Trust, University Grants Commission has started presenting the UGC Hari Om Ashram Trust Awards these awards to the brilliant Scientists.


The awards are being presented since 1974.


As per the different fields of Research, the UGC Hari Om Ashram Trust Awards are further divided into following categories –


The Jagdish Chandra Bose Award for Research in Life Sciences

The Sir C.V. Raman Award for Research in Physical Sciences

The Meghnad Saha Award for Research in Theoretical Sciences

The Homi J. Bhabha Award for Research in Applied Sciences

Award to outstanding Scientists/Social Scientists in the field of Interaction between Science and Society.



Prize Money & Amount:


Initially, the awardees were presented with the cash prize of INR 10,000 but now its value has increased to INR 50,000 each including the UGC’s share of INR 40,000.



Selection Criteria:


A committee of UGC Experts of Research Areas would look upon the scrutiny process.


The nominations for the award can be invited from Universities, Institutes of National Importance etc. After identifying the most talented ones, the shortlisting process will be done.


Those Scientist who gets shortlisted must supply the requisite documents in support of their work. The Committee may also suggest other names of outstanding scientists who could be considered for the awards.


The recommendations made by the Committee are then considered by the Commission finally.



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Note:  The members of the Committee and the members of the University Grants Commission are not eligible for nomination under the scheme.



Which Exemplary Tasks will be considered to receive the UGC Awards?


The candidates who wish to bag any awards under the UGC Hari Om Ashram Trust Awards Category must have achieved the following milestones –


The candidates must have promoted, implemented and executed the Scientific Ideas of Social, Economic, Cultural & Political Factors for the sake of Society.

Generation of Innovative Concepts concerning the development of Science, its value system and its impact on the Indian Society from time to time will be considered.

Development of scientific culture and temper as an integral part of the fabric of the social structure.

Strategies and movements of relevant scientific developments which have made a distinct contribution to the national developments and welfare of society.

Contributions through analysis of factors responsible for the promotion of scientific and technological development and Initiation of appropriate processes of change through active participation.

Development of scientific policies and their implementation and the beneficial results accruing from such scientific policies and endeavors.

Strategies for scientific development.


The words "Science/Scientific" in these guidelines may be interpreted in broad terms to include not only the Natural Sciences - Physical, Biological, Mathematical but also to cover Social Sciences and contributions which have relevance in India.




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UGC Swami Pranavananda Saraswati National Awards


UGC has started the UGC Swami Pranavananda Saraswati National Awards after the huge endowment of INR 5 Lakhs made by Swami Pranavananda Saraswati, Director, Yoga Societies in America in 1985.


The main motive of this award is to praise the outstanding scholarly/scientific work which has made important contributions to human knowledge and has thrown light on the problems in a new manner.


The UGC Swami Pranavananda Saraswati Award is presented for following categories –


UGC-Swami Pranavananda Saraswati Award in Education

UGC-Swami Pranavananda Saraswati Award in Economics

UGC-Swami Pranavananda Saraswati Award in Environmental Science and Ecology

UGC-Swami Pranavananda Saraswati Award in Political Science

UGC-Swami Pranavananda Saraswati Award in Sociology



Prize Money & Amount:


The award carries a value of INR 50,000/- each including the UGC's share of INR 40,000/-.



Selection Procedure:


UGC invites nominations from the Universities and National Institutes to present these awards.


The nominations received are scrutinized by a committee of experts in the specified areas. The shortlisted scholars are requested to supply the requisite documents in support of their work.


The Committee may also suggest other names of outstanding scholars/ scientists, who could be considered for the awards by another committee of experts. The recommendations of Committees are finalized by the Commission.


The members of the Selection Committees and the members of the University Grants Commission are not eligible for the nominations under the scheme.




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UGC National Veda Vyas Sanskrit Award


The University Grants Commission has instituted Veda Vyas National Sanskrit Award to promote quality teaching/research in Sanskrit and to identify the outstanding teacher and award him/her for the excellent contribution in teaching/research/innovation and promotion of Sanskrit language.



Prize Money & Amount:


This award is an annual national award that consists of INR 1 Lakh rupees’ prize amount and a citation.


Note: Selection Procedure is same as the above two awards.



Guidelines to Receive the UGC National Veda Vyas Sanskrit Award:


The candidates will be selected based on the following criteria –


The teacher must have an independent teaching/research experience for a minimum of 5 academic years in the concerned subject area and should have made an outstanding contribution in the teaching/research/innovation/new programs and promotion of Sanskrit language.

The awards are primarily meant for Sanskrit teachers.

Each University shall identify only one teacher from among the lot and recommend the name of such teacher to the University Grants Commission for consideration of the award.

The nomination of such a teacher from each University must be under the recommendations of the Vice Chancellor of the concerned University.

Besides this, the University Grants Commission shall also constitute a Search Committee whose members shall be the Non-University Sanskrit Scholars and this Search Committee would suggest names of the scholars for consideration of the UGC National award.

Then after both the groups of nominations - one from the universities and the one from the Search Committee shall be reviewed.



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UGC Research/Teaching Awards Eligibility Criteria


To identify the most suited candidates for all the above 3 awards, UGC has set some specific guidelines on which basis the nominees will be filtered out.


Those who fulfill the following criteria will be eligible for the UGC Hari Om Ashram Trust Awards, UGC Swami Pranavananda Saraswati National Awards and UGC National Veda Vyas Sanskrit Award -


Only Indian Scientists/Teachers are eligible.

The contribution can be counted as an individual or a team of 2-3 members. (The institutions or organizations are not covered under the scheme)

The prize would be awarded based on the outstanding contributions to the development of interaction between science/research (including Technology) and society and which has made conspicuously important contribution to the development of Indian Society.

In deciding the award attention would be focused on the specific contributions made during the last 5-7 years’ period.

The work to be assessed would cover books, monographs, papers or any other published account of research work, inventions, discoveries etc. for which the nominee has not already received a similar award form any other agency.

The work should have been carried out in India.



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