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April 13, 2020 11:36 ampts 30 pts
according to me both the points 3rd n 1st both are false.... amcan u plz explain both the points 20.)Which one of the following statements is false? (a) Both correlation and regression co-efficients have same sign always more than the correlation co-efficient origin and scale regression co-efficients (b) Arithmetic mean of the regression co-efficients is (c) (C) Regression co-efficients are independent of both the (d) Correlation co-efficient is the square root of haun two Qdsx6 e r9t uper 9res
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  • Rishab Soni thankyou
    Statement 1 is true, that is the coefficient of correlation will have the same sign as the regression coefficient as that of the regression coefficients, such as if the regression ...
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