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(2) marginal rate of substitution (3) average rate of transformation )marginal rate of transformation Labour supply before immigration Real wage w B Labour supply after D immigration -X L"L L Employment The gain in profit income from an increase in immigration according to this diagram is 0the area BDLL 2) the area of WBDW (3) the areas WBFW and FDL'L together (4) the areas WBDW and FDL'L together 7. The demand for rare paintings, and rare stamps etc. is explained by whch among
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  • Ravindra nath mahto thankyou
    Anushka, Look at my solution once, I hope you will understand it.
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  • Reshma gupta thankyou
    hi anushka,i am attaching a screenshot ,i hope it will make you .
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  • Reshma gupta
    according to the question , before immigration real wage is w and employment or labour is l total wage = w*l OWBL but after immigration labour supply increased so real wage declin...
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    I didn't get it. area OW'LF is common in both cases so we ignore it. shouldn't the answer be something areaC - areaE ?
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