Dakshayini Chaithra Asked a Question
February 5, 2021 8:19 pmpts 30 pts
unexperide insurance premium should be treated as wt
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  • Dakshayini Chaithra
    its ok mam
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  • रौनक Best Answer
    current asset definitely..mark as best if query is solved
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    tnk u dakshayini
  • Rucha rajesh shingvekar thankyou
    Unexpired insurance is an another term which is used for prepaid insurance. Prepaid insurance is deducted from the insurance premium expenses account in profit & loss account and s...
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  • रौनक
    Dear student Expired insurance premiums are reported as Insurance Expense. Unexpired insurance premiums are reported as Prepaid Insurance (an asset account). I am sure I answered u...
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    Dakshayini Chaithra
    current asset or non current asset