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V Then W IS C is a vector space over F with respect to the operations of vector addition and scala Improper and Proper Subspaces: If V is any vector space then V itself is Ler Vbe a vector space over the field F and W Vector Subspaces zero vector alone i.e. {0) is a subspace of V always So and V-Tmproparu The subset consisting of the zero vector alone i.e. {0} is a subspace of V always oper subspaces. The subspaces SuDspace of V. These two subspaces are called impro V are called proper subspaces VThese two. fV Tests for Showing Subspaces Wo-step Test : A subset W of a vector space VF) is a sub space of W is non-empty VX, y E W X - y e W va e Fx e W ax e W 1 2. eP lest : A non-empty subset W of a vector space V(F IS a suD Example: Which of the following's is/are subspaces of i.e. {(x.y, z)|x, y, Z e R (R) By e W. Va,ß e F and Vx, y e W R( (1) W ={(x, y, z) /ax + by + Cz = 0 for given a,b,c E R (2) W ={(x, y,z) |3x +4y = 7z} (3) W ={(%.y.0) |x,ye W =(%y,2) |y e z} W=(xy.2) ky = 0} W=(x.y,z) |x+y +Z=1 W ={%.y,2) x+y+zeZ W= {(xy.z) x.y,zeN} (4) (5) (6) (7) (8)
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    see the attachment
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  • Deepikachaudhary thankyou
    y kese hua example yaha pr
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  • Deepikachaudhary
    y test one test ,two test y Kya hai
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    Deepak singh
    I have given example of each test , try another , if doubt then ask..
  • Deepikachaudhary
    y smz he nii aa ra hai
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  • Deepak singh
    most of question can we discarded using this (0,0,0 ) check which w contain (0,0,0).
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  • Deepak singh
    1 example by two step test
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  • Deepak singh
    example 3 by one step test
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