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V Ttd o 2Vma (K, -k)| 2na (K%-K) d ne momentum representation o(p) for the plane wave VX) A Po (P)=J2nh Ae dx Sol. A.2n.8o Ahs (P -P) 2th h Therefore, the momentum space wave function will be o(p) = Av2th 8P, - P) Find the momentum space wave function corresponding to the position space wave functon e a particle at a given instant y(x) = A cos kx (Ex o(p) = Acos kx e dx V2th Sol. A 2th 8(hk - p)+6(hk + p) Aedx+edx 2 2nh 227th
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  • Ravi bhushan thankyou
    Here is the detailed solution.
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