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va e F xe W ax e W e-Step Test: A non-empty subset W of a vector space V(F a,B e F and Vx, y e W ample: Which of the following's is/are subspaces of R"(IR)- (x,y,z) x, y, z e R} (R) W ={(x, y, z) ax + by +cz = 0 for given a,b,c e R} V R3 W =(X,y. z) 3x+4y = 7z W ={(x,y,0) x,y e R W ={(%y.z) |ye z W =(%.y.2) y =0 W =(xy.z) x+y+Z =1 W =(x,y,z)X+y+zeZ W {(x,y, z) |x,y,z e N Website: Email:
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    First, second, third and fifth are only are not because they are not satisfied external operation i.e. scalar product. Check attachment.
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