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What are amphipathic helix? and their characteristics features.

what are amphipathic helix? and their characteristics features.

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    Amphipathic helices (AHs) are protein sequences that fold into a helical structure upon contact with a polar/non-polar interface. They can be found in many stably folded proteins. Amphipathic helices (AHs), a secondary feature found in many proteins, are defined by their structure and by the segregation of hydrophobic and polar residues between two faces of the helix. This segregation allows AHs to adsorb at polar–apolar interfaces such as the lipid surfaces of cellular organelles. Amphipathic helices have hydrophobic and hydrophilic/charged residues situated on opposite faces of the helix. They can anchor peripheral membrane proteins to the membrane, be attached to integral membrane proteins, or exist as independent peptides.


    can u explain it through diagrams . I didn't understand it


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