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What are the ethics and social implications associated with stem cell research

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  • Sona

    There are many ethics and social concerns associated with stem cell research such as:- 1) it involves human embryos and many people consider embryos as living cells and hence playing with life is unethical. 2) stem cell also raises safety of the donor. 3) Stem cell research is often used to created hybrid cratures especially in animals to get an animal with mixed enhanced specifications but many people question it as playing with the nature's rule which might affect natural cycle. 4) As in plants, GMOs are both beneficial and harmful similarly stem cell research also has equal side effects linked with it. 4) it can introduce new harmful genes into the society which can increase risk of mutational diseases in the siciety. 5) if it is used in human cloning, it will cause havoc. imagine someday waking up to see multiple copies of yourself claiming to be you.

  • Priya sarda

    Oocyte harvesting, which is essential to the creation of human embryonic stem cells raises concerns related to safety of the donor. Other important ethical issues relate to informed consent of both donors of gametes and embryos as well as recipients of stem cells and stem cell products. Current ethical controversies regarding stem cell-based therapy are focused on the unlimited differentiation potential of iPSCs which can be used in human cloning, as a risk for generation of human embryos and human-animal chimeras. human embryonic stem cell (hESC) research is ethically and politically controversial because it involves the destruction of human embryos. In the United States, the question of when human life begins has been highly controversial and closely linked to debates over abortion. The development of genetic testing has raised numerous concerns about autonomy, confidentiality, privacy, and equity that are exacerbated by the range of contexts in which such tests are undertaken, the sheer volume of tests that could be offered, the many uses that can be made of test results The ethical questions surrounding gene therapy include: How can “good” and “bad” uses of gene therapy be distinguished? Who decides which traits are normal and which constitute a disability or disorder? Will the high costs of gene therapy make it available only to the wealthy?


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