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July 10, 2021 • 14:22 pm 30 points
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What are the key facts of homer 's odyssey

what are the key facts of homer's odyssey? when it was published ?

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    Anjan Sharma

    It is an epic poem. Odyssey is believed to be a contribution of many people but mainly attributed to a Greek poet Homer composed around 700 BCE. It is a very long about the hero Odyssey who came across a lot of difficulties while coming back from Troy to Ithaca after Trojen war and a journey that was supposed to last a few weeks took 10 years to complete . He went through so many dangers and confronted many mythological demons and even Greek Gods. He is mostly appreciated not for his bravery but cleverness. Finally he reaches his kingdom, kills his traitors and meets his wife Panelope and son Telemachus.


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