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What are the principles of adaptive and innate immune system

what are the principles of adaptive and innate immune system

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  • Prerana

    Innate immune already present in body, and adaptive type is afterAdaptive immunity is initiated when an innate immunity fails to respond to infection or antigen

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    Krishan k jakhad best-answer

    macrophages and neutrophils of the innate immune system provide a first line of defense against many common microorganisms and are essential for the control of common bacterial infection... phagocytosis. The adaptive immune system operates on evolutionary principles of selection. The B cells and T cells have genetic diversity. Each B or T cells has a unique antigen receptor created by random combinatorial joining of their antigen receptor DNA segments by VDJ recombination...cell-mediated and humoral response. cells of the innate immune system, however, play a crucial part in the initiation and subsequent direction of adaptive immune responses, as well as participating in the removal of pathogens that have been targeted by an adaptive immune response. Moreover, because there is a delay of 4–7 days before the initial adaptive immune response takes effect, the innate immune response has a critical role in controlling infections during this period.

  • Priya sarda

    Adaptive immunity is initiated when an innate immune response fails to eliminate a new infection, and antigen and activated antigen-presenting cells are delivered to the draining lymphoid tissues.Unlike the innate immune system, which attacks only based on the identification of general threats, the adaptive immunity is activated by exposure to pathogens, and uses an immunological memory to learn about the threat and enhance the immune response accordingly.


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