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May 7, 2020 10:39 ampts 30 pts
what do you mean by cognitive field theory? Explain the difference between field theory and cognitive field theory?
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  • Rashi Tripathi
    as u also defined cognitive field theory as relativistic.So there must be chances that the new insight develops by some previous experience..?? plz ans.
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  • Rashi Tripathi
    sir there is one cognitive field theory whatever new insight develops in individual is that connected with any previous knowledge or not...?
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  • Rashi Tripathi
    Thanku sir 🙏
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  • Yogesh thankyou
    Hi , there are two aspects of the Field Theory. 1. The first one is that The first one is that a behavior comes about through a totality of coexisting facts. 2. The second one says...
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