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January 4, 2021 1:02 pmpts 30 pts
what does it mean acceptance must be from competent person and acceptance subject to contract is no acceptance.both are different kindly elaborate this terms
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  • Priya gulani
    Agreements for the sale of land in England are usually made ‘subject to contract’. The use of the term suspends the binding effect of an offer until there is a formal contract in w...
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  • Priya gulani thankyou
    Acceptance must be an unqualified agreement to al the terms of the offer.  It can be defined as “A positive act by a person to whom an offer has been made which, if unconditional, ...
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  • Rucha rajesh shingvekar thankyou
    1) Acceptance must be from competent person this is is essential for acceptance. 2) Acceptance subject to contract is no longer acceptance means If a subject to clause is in the c...
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    Rucha rajesh shingvekar
    Every person is competent to contract who is of the age of majority according to the law to which he is subject, and who is of sound mind and is not disqualified from contracting b...
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