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The excerpt is taken from Homi K. Bhabha's 'The Location of Culture' (1994).
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  • Deb dulal halder Halder thankyou
    hybridity is not just putting together of East and West, but about acknowledging and respecting each cultural voice, tradition and value and give it it's due within the discourse o...
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  • Deb dulal halder Halder thankyou
    the process of accomodating divergent voices is what bhaba terms as hybridity.
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  • Deb dulal halder Halder
    as we are progressing, the Nationalisms are taken into account not to form a coherent whole, but to acknowledge various concerns so that no section feels marginalized
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    homi bhaba tries to see the Orient not just as a singular construct. even nationalisms within a nation are divergent and contested.
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