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What is idealistic realistic and neo realistic approach in international relations

What is Idealistic Realistic and Neo realistic approach in international relations

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    Idealistic approach- The Idealist Approach advocates morality as the means for securing the desired objective of making the world an ideal world. It believes that by following morality and moral values in their relations, nations can not only secure their own development, but also can help the world to eliminate war, inequality, despotism, tyranny, violence and force. Realistic approach- The Realist Approach regards international politics as struggle for power among nations and justifies as natural the attempts of a nation to use national power for securing the goals of its national interest. It rejects the Idealist Approach as a Utopian approach. neo- realistic approach- Neorealism or structural realism is a theory of international relations  that emphasizes the role of power politics international relations, sees competition and conflict as enduring features, and sees limited potential for cooperation. It was first outlined by kenneth Waltz in his 1979 .


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