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What is the effect of artificial light on animals? 

What is the effect of artificial light on animals? 

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    Krishan k jakhad

    Artificial light has several general effects on wildlife: Attracts some organisms (moths, frogs, sea turtles), resulting in them not being where they should be, concentrating them as a food source to be preyed upon, or just resulting in a trap which exhausts and kills them. Artificial light not only impacts insects. Turtles, seabirds and shorebirds, and ecosystems at large, are being affected. Artificial light at night can disorientate adult and hatchling sea turtles, so they are unable to find the ocean. overall light pollution affected Over 450 bird species that migrate at night across North America are susceptible to collisions with night-lit towers, including threatened or endangered species like the cerulean warbler and Henslow's sparrow,". Sometimes whole flocks collide with over-lit structures.


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