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What is utilitarian approach in management

what is Utility approach in management give the most appropriate answers from your opinion

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    There are two types of utilitarians--rule utilitarians and act utilitarians--and both strive to maximize the utility of actions for the good of humankind. They only differ in the way they approach this task.

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    There are three principles that serve as the basic axioms of utilitarianism. Pleasure or Happiness Is the Only Thing That Truly Has Intrinsic Value. ... Actions Are Right Insofar as They Promote Happiness, Wrong Insofar as They Produce Unhappiness. ... Everyone's Happiness Counts Equally.

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    The Utilitarian Approach assesses an action in terms of its consequences or outcomes; i.e., the net benefits and costs to all stakeholders on an individual level. It strives to achieve the greatest good for the greatest number while creating the least amount of harm or preventing the greatest amount of suffering.


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