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Which of the following figures is a schematic representation of the phase space trajectories (i.e., contours of constant energy) of a particle moving in a one-dimensional potential V(x)=,**7 (a) (6) (C) (d)
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  • Ruby negi thankyou
    there must be some minus sign in the potential given in the ques either between them or before x^2....
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    Ruby negi
    try to do by urself too...
  • Chandra dhawan
    dear first of all given potential is wrong in that question correct equation of potential is V(x) = -x^2/2 + x^4 /2. and for solutions see my attached file...
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    Chandra dhawan
    potential is incorrect becoz when we found points it's will get imaginary point.... so correct ur question dear
  • Ruby negi
    dear,no ans is matching according to given potential , ques must be like -x^2/2+x^4/4 (like vaishali mam did).... the phase curve is like this according to the given potential..
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    Ruby negi
    check this .
  • Abhishek singh
    there is a typo in the problem. the second term should be negative. Otherwise no option will match. See the solution. fir small oscillation, you can show it by elliptical trajector...
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    Abhishek singh
    ask doubts if any
  • Dhairya sharma thankyou
    see attached.
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