Pratishtha Aggarwal posted an Question
April 12, 2022 • 19:50 pm 30 points
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Which one of the following is not covered under corporate governance?acsr bbusiness ethics crole of independent directors dgovernment mentoring

which one of the following is not covered under corporate governance?aCSR bBusiness Ethics cRole of independent directors dGovernment mentoring

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    Ronak kumari upadhyay best-answer

    Dear ignore the errors as it can happen with anyone else the answer is D and it is right

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    Ronak kumari upadhyay

    Dear Student Option (d) is the correct answer as mentoring is a completely different process . It basically focuses on providing guidance, direction and career advice. Rest three options- being fair, transparent, role of directors and an ethical code of conduct are important aspects of corporate governance. (Directors play an important role in making the framework). mark it as best if you liked the answer


    but mam our material is telling that answer is business ethics


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