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July 25, 2022 • 10:57 am 30 points
  • Chemical Sciences

Which statement is correct. cyclopropane exist as a planar structure . cyclobutene conformation exist with an angle of about 35 degree ii. cyclopentane exists i

Which statement is correct. Cyclopropane exist as a planar structure . Cyclobutene conformation exist with an angle of about 35 degree ii. Cyclopentane exists in envelop and the half chair conformations iv. Rings larger than six member are always puckered unless they contain large number of sp2 atoms. A) iand ii B) ii and ii C) ii and iv D) i, ii, ii and iv

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    Shabir ahmad bhat

    All the given statements are correct therefore option D is right. however, in second statement, it must be cyclobutane rather than cyclobutene. Cyclobutane is the smallest Carbocylic ring which shows conformation and have puckered structure to relieve eclipsing interactions but increases angle strain and has angle of puckering 35 degrees.


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