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Who coined the term 'Bourgeois epic' ? In which book Georg Lukacs applied the term 'Bourgeois epic'?
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  • Deb dulal halder Halder
    and along With Realism, also study Naturalism , espexially Zola 's novels
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    Shuvadip das Das
    Ok sir I will do.
  • Deb dulal halder Halder thankyou
    While doing Lukacs understand his concept of REALISM _ Realist Novels. try to understand the difference between historical and critical realism
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    Shuvadip das Das
    sir, I studied on Realism relating to the concept of Lukacs' view on Realism also studied Fictional Realism (also known as critical realism).
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    epic was usually considered to be the epitome of nationalist ideology of a country. so we have greek or English or Indian epics. in Modern day capitalist era, novel has replaced ...
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  • Deb dulal halder Halder thankyou
    Georg Lukacs coined the term in the book THE THEORY OF THE NOVEL.
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