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July 17, 2020 5:15 pmpts 30 pts
Who were called Ben Tribe and What was critically special being a part of Ben Tribe ? Were all Ben tribes called cavelliers too and the other way round?
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  • Deb Halder thankyou
    Joe Lee Davis in his book SONS OF BEN listed eleven playwrights who were influenced by Ben Jonson’s plays. In the group called SONS OF BEN are Richard Brome, Thomas Nabbes, Henry G...
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  • Deb Halder
    what clarification you want ?
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    Shamim ahmed
    what are the traits of Ben Johnson poetry that made the critics to form a whole group called Ben tribe?
  • Deb Halder
    In case of poetry, it refers to the Cavalier poets such as Robert Herrick, Richard Lovelace, Sir John Suckling, and Thomas Carew.
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    Shamim ahmed
    sir , what are the common features of these poets ?