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0. The mass movement process in which cohesive blocks of earth move on a failure plane with concave-up geometry, is known as A. Debris flow 47 he e LS P pared on ogo0 1S 1:P 1: D 1US B. Creep e Rotational slide D. Translational slide (BHU-2013) 48. Which geo-material has higher porosity? (IT-JAM 2012) A. Gravel C. Silt B. Sandstone 41 rp of the ollowinnel align D. Clay n O13 t 49 p if can ho e UTP all ane an fou ae
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    Answer: Rotational slide Concave up geometry mass movement process results from rotational slide. Creep is a slow mass movement process. Translational slide involves mass movement ...
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    Gurmeet singh
    but porosity depends on surface area as clays have.
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