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055. Age of granitic rocks can be determined using Rb- Sr whole rock radioactive dating method and the following age equation, 7S/Sr)=C"Sr/oSr), + (Rb/86Sr) ("- 1) For a suite of representative co-magmatic granitic rocks, the Rb-Sr whole rock isochron plot and relevant data are shown in the diagram. The age of granite is calculated at 10 yrs, give answer in one decimal place). Ga (1 Ga = Isochron Sr= 0.7004 tan 0=0.014301 =1.42 x 10"yr 'Rb/Sr
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  • Saurabh 1 thankyou
    Kindly find solution attached below..
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    Sankar Mahato
    why the slope is {e^(lemda×t) -1} can u explain please i can't understand the solution
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