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08. If 1 mol of acetyl coenzyme A labeled with "C in both carbon positions of the acetate moety goes through 08. one turn of the TCA Cycle, how many moles of "Co, would be produced? b. 1 a. 0 d. 4 (1TSc c. 2 09 Which C-atom of glucose was tagged with "C so that after one cycle of glycolysis and Krebs cycle none of the radioactive C-atom is found in intermediates? b. C-1 a C-6 [GATE) d. C-2 C-3 aldehvde group, via glycolysis and alcoholic fermentation, where would
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  • Abhilasha thakur thankyou
    1 CO2 molecule is labeled but in TCA 2 CO2 released
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