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1.A body of mass 1kg has coordinates (, 2) and another body of mass 2kg has coordinates (-1, 3). The coordinates of the centre of mass (COM) is (a) )(2, 1) B) (8/3, 1/3) (c)(-1/3, 8/3) (d) None of these 2a Sheat rest explo0es, then 0or the tragments (a) Remains at rest (b) Moves in a parabolic path c) Moves along a straight line (d) None of the above 3.he centre of mass of a body lies (b) Outside the body (c) Aways at the centre of the system () either (a) or (b) 4. Choose the correct option (a) centre of mass (coM) and centre of gravity (COG) da body always concide (b cOM and coG may or may not coincide cOM and COG always lie in a vertical line (d) Both (b) and (c) f the separation of Carbon and Oxygen in CO is 0.12nm, the distance of the COM from the Oxygen atom is (a) 0.12nm b)0.07nm (c)0.05nm (d) 0.7nmn Two particles ot masses 0.1kg and 0.3kg have position vectors 2*5* 13k and -6l + 4) -2k. The position of the COM is (a) 2m (b) 4m (d) 8m 7. When no external force acts on a system, (a cOM moves with constant velocity (D) Total momentum of the system remains constant C Momentum of individual particles does not remain const. (d) All the above 8. f represen ts the reduced mass of a system of two particles masses m and ma then (a) u = (b) 1/4, c) 1/4mgtm (d) None of the above ewed from the COM is (a) mv (b)mv c)m (d) m 10. Two bodies of masses Skg and 6kg are connected by a pring or constant k s 10Nm. they are moving along tne same direction with velociies sm/s and 2m/s respectively then the maximum compression is (a) 4.2m (0) 2.4m 0.42m (d) 0.24mn
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    The correct answers are: 1.) c 2.) a 3.) c 4.) d 5.) b 6.) c 7.) b 8.) a 9.) c 10.) b
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