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1. An earthquake oecur at a distance of 60km from the seismie station. The velocity of P-wave and S-wave are 3km/sec and 1.4km/sec ,then caleulate the time interval between P-wave and S-wave upon arrival at the seismic station. 2. P-wave and S-wave travelling in a homogenous medium reach the seismic station at 30sec and 50sec respectively. If P-wave is travelling at a velocity of 35km/sec then caleulate the source of P-wave and S- wave 3. An earthquake originate at a distance of 40km from the seismic station record p-wave and s-wave at time interval of 40sec.calculate the velocity of P-wave and S-wave if they are travelling in same mediumn
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  • Pritiprabha behera
    plzzz solve the rest two questions also
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  • Vaibhav jain thankyou
    The time interval between s and p wave travel time is calculated as follows:
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    Pritiprabha behera
    thank u😊
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